Support the UN's 'Decade of Biodiversity'

The Ancient Forest Foundation has established a unique ecology portal to encourage forest conservation - The project's concept was inspired by the UN's declaration of 2011 as "International Year of Forests". Our photography collection contains more than 12,000 images from more than 90 countries. A broad range of forest ecozones including boreal forests, temperate forests and equatorial rainforests have been documented by our project contributors.

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  • Rare and endangered species
  • No captive animals
  • UNESCO heritage sites
  • Exquisite macros
  • Stunning aerial photography
  • Over 90 countries are represented
  • Global anthology of remaining ancient forests

Project Contributors:

More than 1800 biologists, botanists, professional photographers and talented amateurs have submitted photos to the wildforests project. All copyrights are strictly reserved on this website's photography. Do not use any images without the express consent of our contributors.